Himmelstorm Festival in English

the 29th to 31st of July 2022

Himmelstorm is an intimate festival located in the Dyssekilde eco-village. It’s a family friendly festival with music, dance, theatre, acrobatics, circus, workshops and a whole lot more. See line-up here. Address: (see it on a map) Himmelstorm Festivalen,  Hågendrupvejen 9, 3390 Hundested Denmark


You can buy your ticket  here. Last year we sold out, we only sell 800 tickets – so to be sure – buy your ticket as soon as possible! Prices (for 3-Day festival and camping ): 900 DKK. (about €120) NB: Children under 13 years-old are free if they are accompanied by ticket holding adults. Youngsters between 13-17 years old can buy a special “youth ticket”.



Himmelstorm is a festival with music and art, young and old, love and community. The idea started at the beginning of 2011 and the first Himmelstorm Festival was held in July 2011. The festival takes place in the Willow Tree Water Cleansing Plant of our eco-village. The first festival had about 300 visitors and last year we sold 950 tickets – and with children, volunteers and artists we were about 2000 people in all enjoying the festival.

Himmelstorm´s 3 stages

Junglescenen (The Jungle Stage)
The biggest stage of the festival. It’s an outdoor stage. Made by local workers.

Sputnik is a large circus tent with a stage for more intimate concerts, but plenty of room for a big audience.

Gøglerscenen (The Jugglers’ stage )
Gøglerscenen is a smaller tent for dance recitals and workshops, circus, theatre and so on. It´s the centre of the children’s area for the festival.
Himmelstorm also has a very special ‘Seventh Heaven’ – a wellness area. Different treatments are on offer: massages, warm footbaths, herbal-tea, yoga and much more. There are also camping areas for families. We have food stalls, a bar and cafés.

Ivan Carlé3

The values of the festival

The festival is part of an eco-village and we share its values. The festival has a green and sustainable profile, which means that all products that we sell at the festival are organic and/or recycled and/or bioregional.

The Social and Cultural Impact

One of the main purposes of the festival is to make our village visible to the rest of the world, to show our alternative way of living to the rest of the world and to share this wonderful, cultural event with all interested people. We want to give young, up-coming artists the opportunity to play at our festival – not only Danish artists but artists from all over the world. Over the years we have enjoyed performances from artists from Chile, Ecuador, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Ghana, Mexico, Israel and Germany just to name a few.

A Prestigious Festival

The festival is one of the most prestigious events in the wave of new, small and alternative festivals in Denmark. Himmelstorm is considered one of the biggest tourist attractions in the municipality of Halsnæs (Halsnæs Kommune).


Mail: info@himmelstorm-festival.dk
Translated by: Sinéad Quirke www.folkvangengelsk.com